2014 Calendar Dates to Remember


June:     Each league must run a single advertisement in their local newspaper with the required verbiage. A copy of the full distribution newspaper is turned into the Alliance.


July:                   July 15th LSYFA Season opens


August:            All Drafts must be complete by Aug 1.  Team numbers are locked down on Aug 2.

                        Aug 17 Player Cut-off, Affidavits/Rosters are due.


September:      Regular Season Games


October:           Regular Season Games


November:     T.O.C. Entry Fee's are due Nov 2, 2014

                                 Superbowls on Nov 8, 2014

                                 T.O.C.  Bracket Draw on Nov 9, 2014

                                 T.O.C.  Nov 15/16, 2014

                                  All Star 1 Entry Fee's & Bracket Draw on Nov 17, 2014

                                  All Star 1 Tournament Nov 22/23/, 2014


December:          All Star 2 Tournament Entry Fee's & Bracket Draw on Dec 1, 2014

                                    All Star 2 Tournament Dec 6/7, 2014

                                     Dec 8, 2014 LSYFA Season Ends.